New tidbits from the latest Bard Circle

For elements related to the world of Gaïa and its mysteries.
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New tidbits from the latest Bard Circle

Mensaje por Superhero » 20 Sep 2018 10:17

Part 1

-There are 5 Lords of Dreams in Gaia(with 2 that can be made by the GM). One of them is Dionysus, based on the idea of Peace and sloth. He lives in a domain of geometric figures where nothing ever change.

-Malekith is the general who united the world against the Duk'Zarist (See Gaia background story for more information). Eriol (Angel Knight or knight of angel in the english translation) was created during that time. Eriol was made from the concept of what was left behind. Angel knight is an empty suit of armor made from the feelings of the Wake that were left behind, feelings that even the Wake doesn't want. The armor has a rusted look, and is control of the wake is superior to Malekith outside of Graven. In Graven, Malekith is clearly superior.

-Void is based on a specie of Messengers of the Gods, found in the series Ulysses 31. Nothing about its exact nature but all Voids are indeed the same. Yeah Void isn't based on Berserk contrary to popular belief.

-Victor an inquisitor with the Lawbringer of Saul (The Apostle), is based on the concept of a Hero who never lost a fight. He is essentially very lucky and always win at the last minute. He sees himself as chosen by God, which apparently bothers Romeo, as he believes to be the only chosen one. The lawbringer gives him the power to alter reality/existence, to favor him. He can apparently pool his "Luck" and use it all in one go. The fact that Victor never lost, is what allows him to sync so perfectly with the Lawbringer. He has Elan 60 with Noah.

-The Fallen angel, leader of the D'Anjayni in Samael is named Ashbringer. We don't know his exact level but he is apparently a Warlock. He opposes Ophiel and is very old. Apparently he is so old that he cannot maintain a disguise for too long, after taking up someone else face, it becomes old after a few hours. The other D'Anjayni fallen angel is a level 9 or 10 Acrobatic Warrior.

-Kariagne alias "The Hunter" is an occult master absolutely loyal to Gaul, he hunts artifacts to use against other creatures. Then using the defeated creatures to create new artifacts.

-Fate (Wissenchaft girl with floating gears/machines) has a story similar to many agents. She was about to die and was rebuilt with technological implants. Fate is a made like a monster not like a character, she fights using the innate power of her technological devices. She believes to be in control of her implants but Lucanor has put in some prime directives. Such as can't never fail mostly due to self preservation, Fate AI uses predetermined Attacks.

-Apparently recently during the events of GoM, Ophiel lead an assault on Albidion to retrieve many artifacts and others, including even the bringer of Calamity (no specification on how successful he was).

-Vetala apparently reduces the Blindness penalty to partial.
-Tuan Dalyr can't transform like "monsters"??? , the cat in stygia is apparently an exception.
-Gunhell applies the effects of Modern Firearms.
-D'Anjayni have various ethnicity in Lunaris
-While there is a generic template for the Mothers of the Machine, there is no generic Mother of the Machine. Each one is unique, as it evolves depending on its environment and conditions. Mothers of the Machine cannot be hurt by anything unless it ignore existential something like a Noth.
-If a Lim Sidhe dies before choosing a successor, his weapon will go to the next worthy person instead of a Blood relatives.

-A patriarchate (36 individuals...well way more than I thought it was), is enough to destroy all the armies of Gaia at the same time, united under one single banner. Without even using their technology or powerful airships and the likes.

-Abel Holy Empire, can mobilize 1 million soldiers at the moment but rarely does so. They usually never gather them all in the same place, preferring to form groups of 100 000.

-If the barrier fails in Vajra because of the Magatamas, everything would be totally destroyed and engulfed in the planes. Imperium wouldn't do anything to fix it but they would make a containment field , so it wouldn't spread all over Gaia. Tsukiyomi can apparently make her own version of Graven but even her, wouldn't be able to control the fall of the Magatamas.

-Covel made a pact with Jigoku No Kami by getting a heart disease and extending his life span. Covel family/lineage has the ability to summon creatures of High Gnosis (well demigod like).

-Bellasarius, the knowledge organization has been infiltrated by Imperium, there are a couple of agents sharing misinformation within their ranks.

-Rhadamantis the imperium agent, has been confirmed to be the same as the one in Therasia (Gaia Vol. II) who stole Equilibrium (the lawbringer weapon in Prometheum exxet p. 95).

There is more to translate but right now a bit tired, will resume some more later tonight or tomorrow.