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Mensaje por SpiritCrusher » 06 Oct 2017 19:53

What do we know about him? Has any info leaked?
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Re: Marchosias

Mensaje por Superhero » 06 Oct 2017 23:37

Lostaroth Marchosias you mean?

Basically the info that is in anima tactics:
The ultimate executioner, Marchosias is the most powerful warrior of the Inquisition. He is a dangerous weapon that the Church unleashes only when the situation is truly dire. With unlimited potential for destruction and a wildly unpredictable temperament, the man known as the Lord of Massacres now walks Gaia once more…
Now this part is more opinion than anything:

He is a high inquisitor, but obviously at high end of the levels, so probably level 10. Maybe he is level 10+1 (because by definition all high inquisitors are "supernatural"), he used to have the Axe of Baal, he might have some powers left over for wielding the Axe of Baal.

He is probably a technician. Just make his anima tactics abilities into ki techniques.
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Re: Marchosias

Mensaje por lizvne » 07 Oct 2017 02:13

IIRC Saint Harael is his daughter...
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Re: Marchosias

Mensaje por Rigald02 » 01 Ene 2018 21:39

As far as I know, it's a warrior lv11 like Romeo and the Angel of Death.