[Summoning] What is the origine of creatures ?

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[Summoning] What is the origine of creatures ?

Mensaje por Zav » 25 Ago 2017 13:32

The question is in the title ; I can't really wrap my head around this one.

The books indicate that when you want to summon something, you must choose a creature "category". There's no definition for "creature category" in the summoning rules so I'm not sure what that entails, but let's imagine that "Fire elemental" fits.
What now ? In your opinion, would the call itself create an appropriate fire elemental from nothing ? Would it call a random pre-existing elemental that is roaming around somewhere ? Somewhere on Gaia, or anywhere except Gaia ?
Would the call first try to find an existing elemental to bring, and if there is none available, create one ?
How would fire elemental and other creatures be created in the first place ?

Bonus question : in your opinion, would every creature fit in some category or another ?
That would actually be pretty useful to balance character's transformations : if you cast Chimera on yourself, you're now a "between worlds" who belongs to the "Chimera" category of creatures, and now anyone on Gaia or elsewhere can potentially summon you if he decides to summon a random Chimera of around your level.

PS : the wording may not be exact because I don't have the english versions of the books.
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Re: [Summoning ] Where do creatures come from ?

Mensaje por Kushala » 25 Ago 2017 14:07

The categories are to narrow down the type of creature. In the most broad sense that would be either being between worlds or a spirit/soul. From there it's up to the player and GM to narrow it down, so your example of a fire elemental is a valid one, a more narrowed one would be a spirit of fire since it would exclude beings between worlds that are fire aligned. It's basically just how you describe what type of creature it would be, there aren't any specific ones listed in the book, but they should be easy enough to assign.

As for where they come from, summoning does not create something from nothing. While depending on what you're summoning it may be pulled just from another location on Gaia, many of them would be pulled from the Wake. The Wake is basically a world of dreams and magic that exists between every other world, this is the reason for the term Being Between Worlds, even if they are physically here they are still tied to the Wake and the Flow of Souls.

And as for your bonus question, while yes it is in theory possible for a random summoner to summon you if made into a chimera, one thing to remember is that there are a number of penalties applied to summoning if you are lacking in detail and knowledge of what you are trying to call. As a result the only time that a player should be summoned is if it would be story relevant, say a summoner that they have wronged in the past has found out about the change and wants to enact revenge by enslaving them.

I hope that managed to clear it up somewhat for you.
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Re: [Summoning ] Where do creatures come from ?

Mensaje por Zav » 25 Ago 2017 15:49

I'm very sorry, maybe I should have spelled my questions more clearly : I have the books.
I have read them, I know the tables, etc.
What I'm looking for is : in your opinion as fellow players, and noting that the answer is not in the books, what is, for you, the origine of creatures, how are they created in the first place ?

Also, in your personnal opinion as players, how specific should the "creature category" concept be ?
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Re: [Summoning] What is the origine of creatures ?

Mensaje por Superhero » 25 Ago 2017 17:52

The answer is actually in the books...I mean, not even sure what you want to know specifically. The creatures were created by the Gods a long time ago when they made Gaia. Some creatures later on were created by other creatures (like most of the undead are experiments and various other creations).

If you want a fluff question, better to ask in Story actually.
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Re: [Summoning] What is the origine of creatures ?

Mensaje por jhuly » 15 Feb 2019 06:40

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Re: [Summoning] What is the origine of creatures ?

Mensaje por Antoniacummins » 12 Mar 2019 11:09

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