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Re: Anima Tactics Video Game?

Publicado: 02 Jul 2018 12:15
por dunnoww
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02 Jul 2018 05:40
[...] Anima Tactics Saga (which is the AT Reboot supposed name according to discussion with Carlos on reddit) [...]
Is it a new confirmation or the one he said years ago? Sadly, I don't think AT is coming back anytime soon. :( Especially that Carlos wants to focus on new books instead (which would be a good thing for the RPG, of course).

Re: Anima Tactics Video Game?

Publicado: 02 Jul 2018 13:26
por lizvne
One from years ago, sadly.

Re: Anima Tactics Video Game?

Publicado: 06 Jul 2018 07:44
por lizvne
lizvne escribió:
02 Jul 2018 05:40
Two above are the most notable cases of game developer favouritism, when everything just goes to hell, but there are lots of smaller examples as well.
Sorry, forgot about this one, notable as well:
Around Saga II Samael was considered a broken faction due to a specific team based on Dinah who was buffed by fellow team members (Sophia, Janiel, etc) and spammed barrage of shots through her wings. As Dinah have only 3 AP, part of her support team were mystics with Transfer Rods. Some time later this issue was addressed, and Transfer Rod was changed, it ceased t be Reactive, thus it could only be activated during individual miniature activation phase, not on Dinah phase.

Time passed and at the end of edition we saw this:
Yeah, pre-patch Transfer Rod, Wissenschaft version for your shooty Grimorium. While some people argued that Grimorium or other Gears are not equal to Dinah, it still should be noted that "we resurrected transfer rod, but only for wiss gears" looks quite bad form the community side. Without even touching the "buy our expensive Gear models" subject.

There is a line between "each faction have it's shticks" and "developer's favouritism" (quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi), and sadly AT failed to not cross it.

Anima Tactics Video Game

Publicado: 03 Feb 2019 02:59
por TimothySlees
Often enough or not, do I see a riddle or word play game in a forum. So I thought to start one. Ill be posting a riddle in this thread, and anyone can answer it below. Feel free to post your own riddles and etc.

1st:You look to the stars and you see the past, where is the future in space?