[Houserule][Scenario] The Seal of the Unspeakable One

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[Houserule][Scenario] The Seal of the Unspeakable One

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[Warning: long post ahead.]

The moment of truth has come.
A dark conspirer has managed through tricks, manipulations and murders to obtain the secret informations he needed to complete his evil scheme. With his henchmen, he just went to some forgotten ruins which are actually a mystical sanctuary built centuries ago by an ancient civilization in order to seal away a terrifying entity. The Unspeakable One.

If freed, this creature of tremendous power will sow death and destruction on its path and will plunge the world into chaos. Which is exactly what the conspirer wants.

But all hope is not lost yet. A group of individuals are opposed to this insane plan and they have reached the ancient sanctuary just in time to try and prevent the liberation of Unspeakable One.

Mission – the Seal of the Unspeakable One
Board size: 90x90cm
Type of scenery: ruins of a mystical sanctuary
Game level: 300 levels
Deployment: normal except the deployment areas dimensions are 15x50cm (instead of 20x60cm)
Game length: 6 turns

This scenario requires 5 special tokens called Sigils. Place them on the board like this:


After that, the players choose their role: attacker or defender.
Additionally the attacker player must choose one of their Dark characters to be the "conspirer".
And finally the players can start the deployment as per the usual rules.

The attacker player must destroy the 5 Sigils.
The defender player must protect the Sigils and kill the conspirer character.

Special Rules:
Sigils: Each Sigil possesses the followings attributes.
  • Defense: 7
  • Armor: 2
  • Structure Points: 10 (Structure Points is equivalent to Life Points)
  • Damage Resistance
  • Sigils automatically succeed every Resistance check, they are immune to State Markers (positive & negative) and any kind of effect.
To destroy a Sigil, the attackers must attack it, directly or indirectly. When a Sigil loses all its Structure Points, it is considered as broken for the rest of the game, unless a defender restores it.

Restoring a Sigil: Defenders can restore Sigils if they are damaged or broken. To restore a Sigil, a defender must be a Mystic unit and use a special action described as follows:
•• Seal (Special) – A Sigil located in the character's Control Zone recovers 1D5 Structure Points.
The Plagues: Each time a Sigil is broken, various effects happen. As soon a Sigil is broken, apply the effect matching the number of currently broken Sigils:
  1. The ground shakes. Every unit on board reduce their Movement value by 5 cm (2") and their ranged attacks suffer a -1 Attack penalty. This Plague lasts until the end of the turn. Flying characters are immune to this Plague.
  2. Corruption spreads. Once this plague happens (and for as long as 2 Sigils remain broken), it is no longer possible to recover Life Points through any mean (special abilities, advantage cards, regenerative marker, etc.).
    This plague doesn't affect special abilities which allow Undead units to recover Life Points (such as the Raziel Nk-X's Raxxor Zero).
  3. A nightmarish roar unsettles reality itself. Every unit on the board receives Doom level 1.
    If this plague should happen several times (due to Sigils being restored and broken again), every unit loses 2 Life Points instead of suffering Doom again.
  4. The Unspeakable One drains the supernatural energies. For as long as 4 Sigils are broken, all Magic abilities become unusable. All maintained magic abilities are automatically canceled.
  5. The Unspeakable One is free... The game ends and the attacker player is victorious.
The conspirer: At the beginning of the game, before deploying units, the attacker player must choose one of their characters to be the conspirer. That character is the one who works to free the Unspeakable One in order to sow chaos and despair. The conspirer must be a character from the Dark faction. It cannot be an agent or a summon.
The conspirer is immune to the Plagues (see above). However his/her associates aren't...
If Ophiel is among the attacker player's units, then he must be the conspirer.

Victory Conditions:
  • If the 5 Sigils are broken and half the defender units have been eliminated, the attacker player immediately wins a victory through annihilation.
  • If the 5 Sigils are broken, the attacker players immediately wins a complete victory.
  • If all the defender units have been eliminated but some Sigils haven't been broken yet, then the attacker player immediately wins a minor victory.
  • If the conspirer is eliminated, the defender player immediately wins a complete victory.
  • If the conspirer is eliminated while at least 3 Sigils remains unbroken, the defender players wins a victory through annihilation.
  • If at the end of the 6th turn, the conspirer is still alive and there is still at least 1 unbroken Sigil, the game ends with a draw.
Miscellaneous notes:
Players place the pieces of scenery as per the usual rules. You can use whatever type of scenery you have at your disposal. Obviously mystical ruins would suit better to the theme of this game.
I highly recommend to position the scenery in a way that blocks lines of sight, for the defender player as well as the attacker player: not only it will help the players to protect the Sigils or the conspirer, but it will also make the game more challenging.

Perhaps you've already noticed but the words “attacker player” and “defender player” can be misleading. In fact the attacker player is also a “defender player” since the conspirer must be protected at all cost lest the opposite player win the game.
That means the defender player may use an aggressive strategy to win, while the attacker must remember to be very cautious when deploying and moving the conspirer.

Sadly this scenario has only been tested a few times and can surely be improved. Don't hesitate to tweak the rules here and there if you think it is necessary. Keep in mind however that this scenario isn't exactly fit for competitive games, as it is rather intended for fun or narrative games: the characters have to deal with the messy consequences of a nightmarish entity who is about to be freed!

The Unspeakable One
The entity which must be freed or kept imprisoned in this scenario doesn't actually represent any specific creature. The name is only a generic label.
The Unspeakable One can be whichever entity you want. It could be the Filisnogos itself. It could be a terrifying Aeon (Apocalypse?), or one of Orochi's heads. Perhaps the Sigils are imprisoning Omega the ultimate being? Or the Unspeakable One could also be another blood-chilling entity who remained unknown to this day...
Basically you decide who is the Unspeakable One if you want to play a narrative game.

Thank you for reading this and don't hesitate to point me any mistake/grammatical error, etc.
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