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Superhero Conversions

Publicado: 24 Dic 2016 15:55
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Since it seems to be one of the most common questions on Anima Beyond Fantasy systems in general. Anyway making this thread for people who are curious about making their own creations or trying to adapt stuffs that they have seen in some shows and the likes.

Starting with a few examples:

-Jojo Bizarre Adventures Stands: In general, you are better off just representing most of the stands abilities as Psychic Powers. Star Platinum: Go Warrior-Mentalist and use Psychokinetic shield(to represent star platinum abilities to block nearly anything), Motion Detection (to represent the improved eyesight) and Ballistics (ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA!) or even Shatter power. You could technically refluff the cryokinesis powers like Freeze or the the third level power one for the Aoe freeze: Everlasting Moment for time stop.

-Assassin's Creed: Make them Shadows, most assassins know how to fight beside stealth. The Eagle Vision is simply the ki ability: Erudition. For parkour:just some ranks in athletics, acrobatics, jump.

-Exalted: Impossible Defenses charms are simply ki techniques with the Impossible predetermined defense. Some of the most ridiculous impossible defenses are likely Inhuman difficulties or even Zen.

Anyway, during some free time, will add some stuffs while I'm killing time, Hopefully everybody is enjoying their Holidays.

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Publicado: 24 Dic 2016 19:43
por Anima Project
I agree with them all. But you sould also add in Exalted a lot of Gnosis / Monster powers too, gameplay wise. The others, perfect.

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Publicado: 24 Dic 2016 20:07
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Thanks glad you like it!

Yeah Exalted definitely monster powers high gnosis = to represent the high essence of exalted.

Considering it is technically possible to fight The Unconquered Sun, going to Assume that Gnosis 45 does cover him fairly well with his almost perfect ability to block and attack.

Terrestrial Exalted are roughly Gnosis 10-15, with the Scarlet Empress being Gnosis 20, Celestial Exalted have the equivalent of Godlike monster powers for Gnosis 25+.

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Publicado: 24 Dic 2016 20:53
por Blues
The only one I can't agree with is JoJo, but mostly due to variety. Some Stands can be easily covered by Psychic Powers, but there are just too many different stands, some of them with wildly different abilities. Some, I would cover with Magic (Like the original Killer Queen, with Sheer Heart Attack and Bites the Dust), some with Psychic Powers (Star Platinum, Magician's Red), some with Ki Techniques (Silver Chariot, Aerosmith), and I guess Sheeles can cover some others too, but there's a number of Stands that are just too complex and need a special treatment for themselves (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Soft & Wet, Burning Down The House and the most exotic effects of Weather Report come to mind).

TL;DR: JoJo's stands are really diverse, and while Magic, Psychic Powers, Ki and Summoning do represent some of them fairly well, others would need a lot of tinkering to work in Anima.

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Publicado: 24 Dic 2016 22:22
por Superhero
Fair enough for stands.

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Publicado: 26 Dic 2016 05:52
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The 27 True Runes of Suikoden are godlike artifacts to say the least. Today let's talk about the true rune from the first game and quite possibly the easiest to adapt to the world of Gaia:

Soul Eater (Artifact Level 4+)

Fable: 120/180/240

The Soul Eater grants outstanding powers to its bearer over the energies of Life and Death, and like the other True Runes, as well as ageless immortality. However, it's "cursed" title and nickname has a reason to exist. The rune is known to seek people close to its bearer in order to eat their souls. It's believed that the Rune manipulates fate to create lethal situations for the people close to its bearer, in order to feast. As such, the life of the bearer of the Soul Eater is very solitary, riddled with paranoia and fear, with its bearer trying to avoid create any kind of link with any other individual. It also has a heavy burden on the bearer, as the Rune must not disappear from the world.

Immortality: The Bearer of Soul Eater doesn't age anymore and can't die of old age. He is effectively immune to death effects of any kind or special abilities, doesn't apply to being of Gnosis 45 and above.

Jinx: The bearer of Soul Eater tends to put his friends and allies in bad situations. Effectively your closest allies suffer from the Bad Luck and Unfortunate disadvantage when around the user.

Powers: The user can use his own attack or magic projection whichever is higher to use these the powers of the Rune.

Finger of Death: Kill a single target, MR or PHR 140. (Effectively works like the Kill spell at arcane level, No Limit uses)
Black Shadow: A Black Sphere surrounds the enemies and destroy them. (Dome of Destruction spell at advanced level, can be used 3 times per day)
Hell: Kills targets within its area of 150 feet radius, requires 140 MR. (Effectively works like the spell Memento Mori (Arcane level), can be used twice a day) (Ritual, requires a close ally/best friend sacrifice to gain access to this power)
Judgement: Catastrophic Darkness spell at Arcane Level, One use per day. (Notion of Use III + Ritual: unlocks the knowledge of the previous rune bearers)

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Publicado: 29 Dic 2016 08:57
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Naruto the quick and dirty conversions:

Most Ninja characters in Naruto are technicians, Shadows and Tao.

Sharingan = In general, you are better off using Eyes of Destiny blood of legacy + Technique imitation and Rem: The Eyes of Destiny magnus. Other abilities as ki techniques. You could take damned disadvantage to represent the conditions of Sharingan. Powerful Enemy (your brother) at your own discretion.

Byakkugan = in general, better off with Eyes of the Soul blood of legacy and getting ki detection/erudition as high as possible. Hyuuga wanna be should consider Mushin (in advanced martial arts) and Etherial Infinite attacks (64 palms and ability to seal ki essentially).

Haku, yuki clan, Ice release = All the techniques are actually available in the Hyousetsu Jigoku technique trees. You could consider the Blood of Nifelheim for a discount and boost on ice based techniques.

Kimimaro/kaguya clan = Natural Weapons quite honestly is all you need for the bones attack. For the regeneration just take the advantage to improve your regeneration or consider the Blood of Toa as well to represent the clan toughness in general.

Nara clan, Shadow control = This one is pretty easy, Umbra Ars Magnus is all that you need.

Jinchuriki (Naruto, Gaara, etc...) = Blood of the Great Beast should cover most of your needs, granting you monster powers with the Transformation: Eliodon. A Limit to help with ki recovery.

Rough level estimate by the end of the series:

-Naruto, Gnosis 15, Technician Level 10+Level mods, plot armor
-Sasuke, Gnosis 15, Technician Level 10+Level mods, plot armor
-Sakura Tao Level 9
-Mighty Gai Tao Level 11 [Should be noted his use of the Eight Gates, give him a significant advantage in combat = use the Transformation: Seals of the Dragon, Last Door: Eternal Door.]
-Kakashi Technician Level 11
-Tsunade Tao Level 11
-Orochimaru Technician Level 12
-Madara Technician Level 13
-Kaguya Gnosis 40 Entity, Level 14

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Publicado: 29 Dic 2016 13:00
por Anima Project
I really can't agree with the levels (i think thay are a little too high for Naruto lore), but I acree with the clases.

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Publicado: 29 Dic 2016 13:21
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Ah I probably went over a bit too much, let's tone it down to more respectable levels:

-Naruto, Gnosis 15, Technician Level 7+Level mods
-Sasuke, Gnosis 15, Technician Level 7+Level mods
-Sakura Tao Level 6
-Mighty Gai Tao Level 8 [Should be noted his use of the Eight Gates, give him a significant advantage in combat = use the Transformation: Seals of the Dragon, Last Door: Eternal Door.]
-Kakashi Technician Level 8
-Tsunade Tao Level 8
-Orochimaru Technician Level 9
-Madara Technician Level 10 (this should make him handle easily a bunch of level 3-4 ninjas in the shinobi alliance)
-Kaguya Gnosis 40 Entity, Level 11

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Publicado: 31 Dic 2016 04:11
por Ten
Is there anyone that can defeat Madara?

And I'm not talking about Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara. I'm talking about Sage of the Six Paths Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus (with the rikodou abilities and being capable of both Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi genjutsu), with the third rinnegan eye and 4 limbo shadows, equipped with his Gunbai, a perfect Susano'o, control of the juubi and Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju's DNA implanted in him so he has mokuton kekkei genkai and can perform yin yang release ninjutsu while being an expert in kenjutsu and taijutsu.

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. You should try doing Hunter x Hunter. I'd imagine it's really simple since Nen is basically Anima ki.