One With the Nothing vs. The Crit Table

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One With the Nothing vs. The Crit Table

Mensaje por xThexRedxSagex » 29 Abr 2019 06:38

A friend and my boyfriend have been arguing the ruling on something for months now, and I figure since they keeping going in circles, I'd ask an outside source.

One With the Nothing states that "Consequently, all the Criticals that the character receives are annulled immediately, unless directed to some of his vulnerable spots."

My boyfriend says that if on a crit one were to roll up on the Criticals table that it would hit such a vulnerable point (head or heart), it should still go through.

My friend says that it shouldn't work like that, unless it was a directed attack at said vulnerable points in the first place.

What would the proper ruling for this be?
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Re: One With the Nothing vs. The Crit Table

Mensaje por Rapier » 04 May 2019 02:55

Personally I think your boyfriend is correct.

If I was the DM, I would roll the location, applying the critical effect if the location was vulnerable (and otherwise applying only regular damage).

Otherwise I feel like this doesn't really keep in the spirit of the critical table. The game assumes that even a non-called shot can hit a critical location - and the difference in damage (and death) between head/heart and any other location on the table is pretty high. Since you kill potentially at 50 damage less.

If the intent was that these places could only be hit with directed attacks, the random hit table would only include non-vulnerable locations, and the rules for directed attacks would be the only place to list the bonuses for hitting a vulnerable spot (This is the way that some other systems work it - where unaimed shots always hit a regular torso blow).