named npcs and their Ki/Gear

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named npcs and their Ki/Gear

Mensaje por Maxwell » 23 Feb 2017 17:29

So we all love named npcs as GMs and players really love to kill them most of the time. I usualy fetch my characters from the anima tactics book trying to piece together some info on them but the skills listed are hard to convert to the PnP game.

Specificly this time my player group want to attack a location that has a heavy wisenshaft presence with rayne overseeing the operation. Im thinking well... they will probably be killed but with players you never know. So outside of the dramatis personae list where we can know what they wear/use as technique. Has anyone made homebrew version of these persons?

I always assume these type of named Npcs are "Primes" and stat them about as well as players are at lvl1 and progress them from there. As for gear its always the tricky problem of "if i give them good gear and they get killed then the players will loot the good gear and get that much stronger". Which can be a problem when you are already having trouble managing the group's power level.
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Re: named npcs and their Ki/Gear

Mensaje por Superhero » 24 Feb 2017 15:39

Quite honestly it varies a lot, the beauty of the system you don't need to worry about making NPCs like PCs. 99.99% of the time when I make npcs, I just do what I feel is appropriate. The +1 stat every 2 levels is frankly a mechanic just there for the PCs.

Making a level 5 or 1 npc character aren't very different for me, except of course more options. Most named npcs in anima don't really have great gear or have items that most players won't find useful or can't use literally.

Blues and many people from the Spanish forum, made some homebrew versions of the various named npcs(many of them being very close guesses with gathered information), so worth sending him a pm.
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Re: named npcs and their Ki/Gear

Mensaje por Pascu » 24 Mar 2017 15:49

Actually The user Ausias from The spanish forum was doing a hard labor with some characters. Try sending him a PM
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