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For anything related to RPG rules from the Anima Beyond Fantasy books.
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Mensaje por Superhero » 05 Sep 2018 15:39

They work.

Nothing really too special to talk about it.

A Base damage of 150, you won't add your strength or other weapon bonuses to it, as it effectively replaced your Base Damage.

Then using that Base damage instead of your weapon, you can use stuffs like damage multiplier.

So for example a technique with predetermined base damage (150) and damage multiplierx3 would do 450 damage before adding anything else to Base Damage.

Pulling off the technique is another story, as it tends to cost a lot of Ki, so the question, mostly is...is it worth accumulating that much ki? this part is up to you.
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Re: Random Questions Thread

Mensaje por lizvne » 05 Sep 2018 23:24

Kushala escribió:
05 Sep 2018 05:47
And I'm back again with another short question, this time in regards to Ki techniques. I'm wondering how the ki effect of predetermined damage interacts with the other damage increase effects, specifically the multiplier one but the additional also applies here as well.
It overrides them as they are all affecting Base Damage and Predetrmined Damage is not like "Predetermined but changed later by effects I like".
Take note that according to p. 67 Core rulebook Base damage is a damage weapon causes by default + quality modifier. So it seems Strength is added after that (but not Aura Extension/Damage Increase Dominion abilities).