The shajads and beryls in Gaia

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The shajads and beryls in Gaia

Mensaje por Tyhuji » 17 Ene 2017 05:09

I was wondering what did the humans know about the shajads and beryls. Do they have temples and cults? I know there is old ruins but is there still followers out there?
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Re: The shajads and beryls in Gaia

Mensaje por Superhero » 17 Ene 2017 05:26

Humans don't know much about the Shajads and Beryls in general or at least, they don't worship them with their names at the time when they were chosen by C'iel and Gaira.

Most humans who worships the christian God, their prayers actually go to Mikael the beryl and she seems to enjoy taking this role. Magnus the high archbishop of the church for example has a high elan with Mikael. Erebus and many shajads are often seen as many manifestations of the Devil/Satanism. Also something to not forget, the christian faith has incorporated many gods and heroes, which I wouldn't be surprise to see some Shajads or Beryls under another alias, as angels and saints of the church.

Agatha for example in Gaia vol. 1 has a cult of followers and worshipers even if she is just someone with a high elan with Abaddon.

The situation of Elan also makes it somewhat complicated, as individuals who manifests the gifts of the Shajads and Beryls can be seen as Saints or agents of the Devil. Some could even be confused for Gods, depending on the gifts.

Wizards and Occultists(Basically people with high knowledge of the supernatural) are mostly the ones who are even aware of such a thing.

Duk'Zarist and Sylvains are the races which did worship the Shajads and Beryls more directly.
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Re: The shajads and beryls in Gaia

Mensaje por Anima Project » 17 Ene 2017 15:22

I can't only say that Superhero answer is 100% correct.