Black Sun Most Important Families

For elements related to the world of Gaïa and its mysteries.
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Re: Black Sun Most Important Families

Mensaje por Superhero » 28 Ago 2018 09:08

Jean Pierre was given the piece of Black Metal and is clearly not in Bekent. That already take him out for the one being mentioned.
Adrien and Jean Pierre works closely together and are both on Alessa. It should be noted that pieces of Black Metal are mostly knowledge devices, so yeah it make sense that it would help them conduct their experiments on creating the Ghost Angel. Essentially even if they have some gap of knowledge because of the Incomplete Book of the Dead, they make up for it with the piece of Black Metal.

Victor name is mentioned in Luther delacroix history of A:T. All they say about Victor, the patriarch that he has disappeared. But from Prometheum exxet, we know that Victor sealed himself in Bekent with the Book of the Dead.

Victor is also stated to be part of the discovery party. Clover and everybody else present at that time, was changed by the experience. Desdemona quit Black Sun and is now, a Messenger, traveling between interreigns/dimensions.

The Ghost Angel being one of the Five is a theory...that's pretty much all there is to it.
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Re: Black Sun Most Important Families

Mensaje por Sataruma » 28 Ago 2018 17:14

I would have loved that The Ghost Angel became the Avatar of the Book of the Dead mentioned in the text. I think it would give her the power to be on the panel of the Five. But I think i'll drop it.

As for Victor, it would makes sense that he is now an old undead creature, keeping the power of the real book in check, for it is mentioned that it must be kept sealed to avoid being transformed by its power. That would explains why Black Sun only uses copies of the texts made by Victor. Clover looks young, but then again, he was affected by the power of the book.

Thanks for all the replies guys.
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