Elcia - The Regent

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Re: Elcia - The Regent

Mensaje por Superhero » 03 Abr 2017 18:22

Bringeus is basically implied to be some sort of a Noth, which would mean that Nascal doesn't exist anymore...as in his soul didn't even go into the flow of souls. You can't find any trace of his soul anywhere.

See more information about the Noths in Gaia vol. 2 and Perfect World Guide (ask people about it) but essentially if you get killed by them...you cease to exist. Just like how Rah was destroyed from existence.
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Re: Elcia - The Regent

Mensaje por Leonard » 11 Jul 2018 02:49

Although my current campaign isnt focused on Elcia. It has played an important part in it since one of my most maquiavelic players (a political mastermind head of various relevant Guilds) is from Elcia. I developed a fanmade background for the regent just in case it was relevant. It's very "this is top tier importance shit". But... the official info sounded like it was =P. Maybe it can help you with your own background:

"Without him knowing it, his real identity is... none. Xem Cortana is one of the last experiments from Imperium to control human politics. The creation of improved humans, exceptional but without reaching the level of high- calibre projects like Abel. The idea is that if they have no idea of their artificial status and of Imperium, they will be able to immerse themselves deeper in their responsibility towards their country. Taking their political ideas towards the wished path will be the task of Imperium agents designated as assistants (in this case, Nana and Gigi) and their insertion in society will be produced in a way that no one notices it, even if it involves collateral damage. Xem is the first of his kind. Imperium plans to maintain him in his role until his immortality becomes suspicious, and then relieve him to evaluate the viability of the project."
"I am sure we can reach a mutually beneficial agreement. After all, you have no use for an old relic like that" Erith Olson, Black Sun Smuggler
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Re: Elcia - The Regent

Mensaje por lizvne » 12 Jul 2018 09:14

Rigald02 escribió:
03 Abr 2017 09:54
I have some doubt that Xem is in reality Nascal. I explain: in Gate of Memories, we have his story, and we know in the story that we have two Nascal. The dead one, and the puppet. And we know that the puppet himself created one other. I have some doubt that "this one" is Xem, lost of memories because of Bringeus.
Well, I have one theory about this, most likely it is not true, but anyway.
Nascal created a puppet, which actually was named Rubedus, but somehow it believed it was an original Nascal. Rubedus, in turn, created Bringreus, this is why it uses Nascal's image.
Superhero escribió:
03 Abr 2017 13:36
Nascal doesn't exist anymore. Confirmed by the author even relatively recently in the incarnation question thread (Nascal can't be used as an incarnation.). Bringeus is some kind of a Noth apparently or at least got similar abilities.
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