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18 Ago 2017 22:48
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Re: Random Questions Thread

Regarding the Predetermined Magic Projection: In my campaigns, we've found that if you forego buying Magic Projection altogether, and instead just get the Predetermined Magic Projection spheres, the character becomes a bit too powerful in our taste, as soon as he reaches around level 5-ish. This is...
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18 Ago 2017 22:29
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Lesser Used Classes

I just wanted to hear other people's opinions on some of the classes that are more uncommon in their Anima sessions. Of the games I've ran and played I've seen few Shadows, Rangers, Thieves, Illusionists, Wizard Mentalist, and (strangely) Warriors. Now my general opinion as a GM is that the Prowler ...
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07 Feb 2017 23:30
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Re: Ask Blues for a Homebrew

To settle a long standing debate on a particular video game artifact from Pandora's Tower: -The Oraclos Chain ( a lot of combat utility with subtle, yet ridiculous powers in regards to binding, fusing, and separating even divine entities and the cornerstone of The Thirteen Towers) -I suppose by exte...