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por presscot
17 Jul 2019 10:38
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Tema: The 5 Dynasties of Shivat
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Re: The 5 Dynasties of Shivat

Mobiusfox7 escribió:
30 Abr 2017 15:22
Hello. Im looking for more information on the 5 Dynasties of Shivat. Gaia Vol 1 doesn't mention a whole lot about them.

Would anyone have any extra information on them?
Are you still interested?
por presscot
23 Jun 2019 16:16
Foro: House Rules
Tema: Google Doc Character Sheet
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Re: Google Doc Character Sheet

Aside from a couple of skills from here and there, like one or two in Gaia, vol 1, not sure what ones I've missed. But I really do need to go back and reread the books again at some point. I made a more automated version of this sheet originally but after seeing casino free spins ohne einzahlung ca...