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por Rigald02
01 Ene 2018 21:39
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Re: Marchosias

As far as I know, it's a warrior lv11 like Romeo and the Angel of Death.
por Rigald02
03 Abr 2017 09:54
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Re: Elcia - The Regent

I have some doubt that Xem is in reality Nascal. I explain: in Gate of Memories, we have his story, and we know in the story that we have two Nascal. The dead one, and the puppet. And we know that the puppet himself created one other. I have some doubt that "this one" is Xem, lost of memories becaus...
por Rigald02
16 Ene 2017 15:22
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Re: Incarnations because we love them

About the Giovanni, I can assume that's about the pact between C'iel, Gaira and Imperium to not interfere in Giovanni's lineage. Some kind of result about their souls... For Abel, well, i think that' the same think than Elienai: an imperium-type of person/creation cannot be Incarnation, so long as t...